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Downtown Ogden Office Space

Doing business in Ogden just got better. The Family Business Center has 6,000 Sq. Ft. on the 4th floor of the old “Hardware Building.” There is a great mixture of both private offices and shared coworking spaces available. Elevate your business, build your professional network  and move from your home office to the heart of Ogden.

At the FBC we know the hurdles that come along with starting and running a business. In order to reduce the financial burden we have carefully created our plans and pricing structures so that you only have to pay for what you need and nothing more.

Our space has been designed to enhance your brand and provide instant credibility.

Grow your small business with a mix of professionals, services, synergy and location.

FBC Network Membership

Join our network to receive discounts on conference room rentals, exclusive content, and more.

Lunch and Learn

The FBC plans to grow family business and community through education. Checkout when our next lunch and learn is.

The Family Business Center exists to Strengthen Families and our Community through Support, Education, and Resources for Families and their Small Businesses

Flexible Office and Workstation Options

The FBC Virtual Office is a great option for the business owner that is looking to establish more of a physical presence in Ogden. Whether you need a place to work, or reserve a conference room for your next presentation.

Enjoy the benefits of going to work in the heart of Ogden. The FBC has optimal coworking space filled with exclusive workstations that have lockable desks for members in this option. Work alongside other professionals, network and impress your clients.

For the business owner who needs some privacy in order to get their work done, we have up to 2 small offices available for rent. The small office is a total of 65 square feet and is lockable. This makes it easier for you not to have to transport all your stuff back and forth to the office.

Keep your privacy, but up your square footage by upgrading to a medium size office. Totaling 100 Sq. Ft. you will have more space to work. You can add an additional desk for a small cost. Please inquire for more information.

For the business that might have more than one employee, this might be more of a fit for you. With 200 Sq. Ft. you have enough space to start putting in more than one desk. Keep in mind that at the FBC you can add more than just desks to your office but if you want to also add a desk or two from the coworking space you can do that as well.

The FBC has two premium office options available. Give yourself (and employees) space to work and have room to grow. Come down and see if this is a fit for you and your business

Office amenities & services that take your business to the next level

Conference Rooms

Multiple conference rooms fit for business meetings, presentations and more. Each room fits up to 30 clients, employees or customers.

Tech to Impress

Each conference room has 4K TVs, premium audio and automation for meeting spaces. These features are also available in your work space, upon your request.

Reception & Answering Service

We have a staffed reception area to meet and greet your customers. You can also opt in to have an answering service during your open office hours.

VOIP Phone Service

VOIP Phone System available to any office tenants. Comes with a unique phone number for your business and easily connects to reception, or any other tenant on the VOIP system.

WiFI & Ethernet

All members are given access to fiber internet with speeds starting at 25 MBPS available via WiFi. Upgrade to our Business Class Internet that reaches speeds to 500 Mb up and down via WiFi or Ethernet.

Local Networks

The FBC is setup to provide fully customizable Virtual Private Networks upon request. We’ll setup, configure and let you customize your team's secure working environment.

Location, Location, Location

We are located in the heart of downtown Ogden. It is a great location, with fantastic views overlooking Washington Blvd. Walk city streets and dine out with your clients at one of the many restaurants.

Casual Meeting Spaces

From beautifully decorated sitting areas to private call booths there is much to offer. We also have a kid friendly area that allows for your family time to cross over with business time.

Fully Stocked Kitchen

Improve your business’ image with a fully stocked kitchen (including nugget ice!) that you can utilize for you, employees and customers. Catering also available upon request.

Interior Decor and Design

Each space is designed and decorated with modern trends to bring an immediate perception of success to you, employees and your customers.

Ergonomic Desks

Increase your productivity with our sit or stand “UpLift Desks.” Don’t knock it till you try it. Studies have proven to keep you from falling asleep. Each desk comes with locking drawers.

Secure Offices & Workstations

Each office is lockable with key access. Each desk comes with a lockable drawer. After regular business hours the entire building is locked and a key fob is required to get in.

Book A Tour Today!

Want to come check out the space? It takes less than a minute to book your free tour. We’ll just need some information to confirm your appointment. Work 1-Week, with no commitment to see if our space will work for you.

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    Downtown Ogden

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    FBC Network

    Large Conference Room

    This conference room can hold up to 35 people comfortably. It also comes fully equipped with the latest in technology. You will also have access to our fully stocked kitchen and in-room mini-fridge.

    FBC Network

    Medium Conference Room

    This conference room can comfortably fit up to 18 people. It also comes fully equipped with the latest in technology. You will also have access to our fully stocked kitchen and in-room mini-fridge.

    FBC Network

    Open Concept Event Space

    Our large open concept event space is perfect for your next community event in Ogden. Invite up to 100 business partners, attendees or friends. Availability for evenings and weekends.

    Grow Your Business Network

    At the FBC we understand how important small family owned businesses are to the heath and well being of Ogden’s economy. We would love for you to join our network of trusted businesses to take part in growing a more established community for future generations.

    FBC Network Businesses