East Bench Home for Family Business Center Members
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East Bench Home for Family Business Center Members

Home Available for Short-Term Member Use

On the East Bench of Ogden set among unique homes the Family Business Center offers members the use of a home for guests or other use.

The home was built in 1923 at a time when the doctors, professionals and business leaders were moving from the central area to what was then the suburbs of Ogden.  Each home is uniquely built in a charming style to create a great neighborhood.  Recent renovations of many of the homes have made the East bench of Ogden a highly desired place to live and raise families.


To accommodate members of the Family Business Center we have entered into a long-term lease for this home to make it available upon reservation to members.  Check out our Airbnb site for a current calendar and further information on the home, but contact us for further booking information.


The home has 2 bedrooms, 2 full bathrooms, extra spaces for up to eight total guests, and all the other amenities of being home while away.  It’s a great place to have your clients and customers stay when they are in town, or other guests as needed for your family or family business.


Membership level may determine priority to reserve the home.

We welcome family owned businesses to apply today!