Membership Application
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Membership Application

Get Your Foot in the Door Faster!

The purpose of the Family Business Center is to support and enhance the business opportunities for families and their small businesses in the Ogden area. The following questions help the Family Business Center determine what your needs are, what you bring to the Family Business Center network, and help both you and us determine if membership makes sense for you and your small business.

Full Name

Your Address

Email Address


Business Name

Business Address

Current Location Type

Other Contact Info

Number of Years In Business

Business Entity Type

Other Owners

Office Type

Projected Move Date

Expected Number of Employees

How Did You Hear About the FBC

Describe your business (purpose, history, stage, growth plan or expectations, customers, products, etc.)

What benefits are you looking for that the Family Business Center can provide for you?

What benefits would you or your business provide to others in the Family Business Center?

Who are your typical customers?

How does your business activity support or strengthen families in our community?

What organizations or activities do you or your business engage in that support family or our community?

What other information should be considered for your application for membership?

Thank You!


Book your tour, if you haven’t already!