Lunch & Learn Schedule
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Lunch & Learn Schedule

Lunch & Learns are focused on the needs of families and their small businesses relative to finances, self-improvement and growth in meaningful areas.  We charge a fee for attendance to cover the cost of the lunch and to be sure it is always clear that you are paying for the service and education you receive.  While the presenters typically are in business and you may choose to engage their services at some future time, no aspect of the classes will be a sales pitch for their products or services.


Sign up today for any of interest, or let us know if there are topics we should offer that would be beneficial.  If you would like to be a presenter for all or a portion of a class please contact us.  The Family Business Center is designed to be a resource for families and their small businesses through mainly education.

January 7th, Noon

Understanding and Maximizing the S Corporation Loophole, L&L

January 21st, Noon

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February 4th, Noon

Letroy Woods

We welcome family owned businesses to apply today!